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WandaVision episode 3 — out January 22 on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar — centres all over a speedily-progressing, life-changing party: a being pregnant. The words and phrases speedily-progressing and pregnancy usually are not usually located in the same sentence, but in this strange sitcom-y world of Marvel’s new Television sequence, everything goes. Wanda’s (Elizabeth Olsen) infant bump, introduced in the direction of the conclude of WandaVision episode 2, is not only deemed to be “really happening” but then springs extra surprises. She provides birth to twins! Marvel comics admirers would’ve observed this coming, presented Wanda and Eyesight (Paul Bettany) also have twins in the comics, who develop up to be Younger Avengers.

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The new WandaVision episode — titled “Now in Color”, directed by Matt Shakman, and composed by Megan McDonnell — also delivers additional clues to the correct nature of Westview. It all but confirms that Wanda has used her powers to generate this make-believe that world, one she retains changing of her personal will. And the conclusion of WandaVision episode 3 implies that it may well not be taking location in Wanda’s brain, as many had suspected, but may actually exist physically.

With the colour transition at the tail end of episode 2, WandaVision episode 3 delivers the MCU collection fully into the planet of colour. The title sequence even announces that, just like Tv exhibits did again then. WandaVision episode 3 arrives with a new title sequence, which functions Wanda and Eyesight performing far more household things — telekinetic vacuum cleansing, Eyesight earning burgers, dancing with each other, studying being pregnant books and maternity publications, and observing Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) and “Geraldine” (Teyonah Parris) out and about. The Frozen duo of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez provide a further catchy tune.

We then open up with a Dr. Nielson (Randy Oglesby) traveling to the Vision home, who decides Wanda is really considerably expecting — and about four months together. Supplied that it took place pretty much right away, Eyesight is by natural means bewildered, but they play alongside with the doctor to stay away from raising any suspicion. Dr. Nielson then provides that they review escalating toddlers to a fruit to make it easy for the ladies, a flip of phrase that invites a little bit of eyeroll from Wanda. WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer has purposefully tackled standard gender roles and sexism from the start, and this carries on in that vein.

wandavision episode 3 doctor wandavision episode 3

Randy Oglesby as Dr. Nielson in WandaVision episode 3
Photo Credit rating: Disney/Marvel Studios

Outside, as Eyesight sees the medical professional off — who is enthusiastic to depart for his excursion to Bermuda — he finds their neighbour Herb (David Payton) seemingly likely cuckoo. He is slicing by the shared wall amongst their residences even though claiming to be trimming the bush… Are the residents of Westview alright? And are they even authentic? WandaVision episode 3 more fuels reported speculation.

Eyesight walks back in to uncover that Wanda’s being pregnant has progressed even more: from four to 6 months. And as she decorates the infant space, although Vision reads off another being pregnant reserve, Wanda feels a kick that she describes as “fluttery”. As a end result of her phrases presumably, the toy butterflies in a ceiling ornament previously mentioned the cot occur to daily life, and Wanda then allows them out of the window.

Eyesight in the meantime brings up the naming discussion, and the two locate on their own caught between Billy and Tommy. Billy and Tommy are in simple fact the names of Wanda and Vision’s children in the comics, who mature up to turn into the superheroes Wiccan and Pace, respectively. Conflicted about the identify, Wanda states they should really hope for a female.

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Barely a minute later, Wanda feels a tightening sensation. Vision ruffles by means of the guide and figures out it need to be a Braxton Hicks contraction aka wrong labour. He asks Wanda to observe breathing workouts, the comedy of which I can’t translate into words and phrases — it should be witnessed. Olsen has revealed some terrific comedic sensibilities and abilities during WandaVision currently, but WandaVision episode 3 is a authentic showcase of her performing repertoire.

In any case, the breathing exercises don’t assistance Wanda, who screams out of suffering, which in some way will cause all the appliances around them to malfunction. Also, the electricity goes kaput. Eyesight confirms that the whole block is out.

Wanda wonders if the neighbours know it was them who caused it, specified all the close calls they’ve experienced because they arrived in Westview. Vision agrees and as he commences chronicling the strangeness of the gatherings, he starts to believe that something is wrong with this globe. Wanda plainly did not assume him to go on reported line of assumed — the scene implies that Eyesight may possibly not be a figment of her creativity, even though it really is achievable he’s just a different model of her, bringing up what she’s striving to bury — and seemingly resets the globe, related to how she rewound the last several moments of WandaVision episode 2. In the next go, Eyesight goes off on a tangent, just one that is much more in maintaining with situations beforehand.

wandavision episode 3 vision wandavision episode 3

Paul Bettany as Eyesight in WandaVision episode 3
Photograph Credit rating: Disney/Marvel Studios

WandaVision episode 3 also characteristics a fake business — like the initially two episodes — which exhibits a mom unable to get a hold above issues. Her youngsters knock the cereal bowl, the pet dog pees within the residence, the daughter burns a turkey in the oven, and a blender spills by itself. A voiceover then asks, “Do you will need a split?” to which the mother nods. Minimize to a luxurious bathtub powder identified as Hydra Soak, which guarantees a crack for overworked mothers without the need of having to depart the home. Its tagline is “Find the goddess within”. Marvel supporters, time to spin people concept wheels.

Their coronary heart-warming second is interrupted by a true contraction, which spooks Eyesight due to the fact which is even a lot quicker than his calculations. Wanda calms Vision and herself applying the aforementioned breathing exercises — the scene is an additional hilarious delight — but just as the “unusual couple” feel to have gotten a maintain on factors, it rains on them inside their house. Wanda states the clear: “I think my h2o just broke.”

As the rain comes to a end, Wanda works by using her powers to dry the whole property. Vision then leaves to fetch the physician as Wanda is now literally growing larger by the minute. Though he’s long gone, she hears a sound from the baby’s area and somebody rings the doorbell. Startled, Wanda dons an massive coat to include her stomach given that she wasn’t expecting yesterday when everybody observed her. Geraldine is at the doorway, who demands a bucket to drain the water that flooded her home. Not absolutely everyone has drying powers like Wanda. She goes into the kitchen area to fetch a bucket but then has to scramble to disguise herself from Geraldine just after the coat begins modifying itself with every single contraction that Wanda encounters.

Wanda grabs a nearby fruit tray to hide the bump and is about to escort Geraldine out when she places a stork behind her. That clarifies the voice from the baby’s home. The stork Wanda drew on the wall has appear alive and is now trotting about her living area. It’s as immediate a metaphor you can at any time see about an impending start. In an endeavor to cease Geraldine from observing the stork, Wanda convinces her to sit down and converse extra, which she gladly does. And even though Geraldine goes about her tale, Wanda has her eye only on the stork. She tries to make it vanish in a puff of crimson smoke — two times — but it would not get the job done. The infant is coming Wanda, it truly is a indicator.

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Geraldine then will get up and walks into the baby’s place — their erstwhile spare home — to select up anything she demands. The stork has picked out to camouflage itself by posing in the precise position of the wall drawing, even though Geraldine however opinions on how lifelike it is. Wanda says she can make clear, and just as yet another contraction hits, she drops the vase she’s keeping. It crashes to parts and Wanda’s charade ultimately ends. Wanda is plainly going into labour and Geraldine’s reaction is specifically what you would hope: “You’re pregnant?!”

With Eyesight nonetheless unavailable, it is really up to Geraldine to assist Wanda give start. Just like in advance of, all the appliances (and even other objects) in the home are likely crazy. A light-weight fixture falls out of the sky, the painting on the wall is rapidly spinning, and the vacuum cleaner is performing by itself. Geraldine notices that plainly some thing is off, but she also has a urgent task at hand. With terms of encouragement from Geraldine, Wanda pushes and, lo and behold, the infant is born. Just then, Vision comes with the health practitioner on piggyback. Geraldine requires the physician, whose head is normally spinning, to the kitchen area so that the new dad and mom can have some on your own time.

wandavision episode 3 baby wandavision episode 3

Teyonah Parris as Geraldine, and Tommy in WandaVision episode 3
Image Credit rating: Disney/Marvel Studios

Vision calls him by the identify of Tommy, delighting Wanda. But just as they are about to kiss, Wanda starts screaming yet again. A different baby is on the way! A quick display transition and, lo and behold, we have yet another baby boy. Twins! Enthusiasts would’ve predicted this. Naturally, the younger a person is named Billy, providing us the twins as they are in the comics. Time to kick off the Young Avengers hype practice. Of study course, whether any of this is “really happening” is up for debate.

On his way out (once more), the physician thanks Geraldine and then provides: “I imagine you may well have what it takes to be a nurse,” inviting a shock response from Geraldine, and a disapproving glance from Wanda. Nevertheless another indication of how WandaVision problems sexism and misogyny.

Vision sees the physician out (once more), and states that he hopes he can however go on his getaway. The physician will not believe so: “Small towns, so tricky to escape.” It may well appear like a stray remark, but it’s pointing to the legitimate nature of WandaVision. There is additional of that as Vision turns to head within. He sees Herb chatting with Agnes on the fence he was cutting as a result of. They are whispering to each individual other, which attracts Vision’s attention. Agnes asks Eyesight if Geraldine is within with Wanda, making him surprise “Why?”

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Meanwhile indoors, Geraldine remarks at the truth that Wanda just shipped twins, which leads Wanda to point out that she’s a twin herself, a nod to her brother Pietro Maximoff / Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) who was killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Geraldine brings up that really actuality, how he was killed by Ultron, a remark it appears to be she was not meant to make. Wanda is pulled out of her idyllic practical experience as a tear would make its way throughout her cheek and says: “What did you say?”

Outside, Agnes expands on why she requested about Geraldine. Not only is she new to town, she has no relatives, no spouse — and no house.

Geraldine attempts to backpedal but Wanda has caught on. She places the symbol she noticed on the little purple toy helicopter earlier — a sword in a ring that admirers have figured out relates to SWORD, which is sort of like Protect, but in place — hanging on Geraldine’s necklace, and asks her to leave. Is Geraldine — real identify Monica Rambeau — now a SWORD agent?

wandavision episode 3 monica rambeau

Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau / Geraldine in WandaVision episode 3
Photo Credit history: Disney/Marvel Studios

Exterior, Vision is trying to be informed by Agnes and Herman that Geraldine arrived right here “because we’re all…” but they are hesitant to say more and never ever complete their sentence. Eyesight rushes in to discover Geraldine is long gone. Wanda lies that she experienced to hurry home, but in truth of the matter, she has thrown her out of this earth.

As the element ratio modifications from 4:3 to normal movie 2.35:1, Geraldine is shown remaining launched out of an invisible energy industry that seemingly has Westview. And as she will come to her senses, a helicopter and a swarm of cars surround her, with a bunch of agent clad in all black pouring out to encircle her. WandaVision episode 3 zooms out to reveal a bunch of moveable floodlights staring at an vitality field of kinds that appears to include the environment Wanda has made.

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This all but confirms that Wanda is using her truth manipulation powers to change the entire world as she wishes, probably in response to grief over Vision’s demise. She’s trapped herself (willingly) and other people in mentioned earth, which has pressured the likes of Geraldine and other SWORD agents to infiltrate it in a bid to end her.

WandaVision episode 3 is now streaming on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes release each individual Friday all around 1:30pm IST / 12am PT.

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