13 Web Push Notifications Strategies To Grow Business

Push notifications enable businesses to engage their users swiftly and seamlessly. Today, these have emerged as a great marketing channel because of their better opt-in rates, click-through rates, and user experience.



Push notifications enable businesses to engage their users swiftly and seamlessly. Today, these have emerged as a great marketing channel because of their better opt-in rates, click-through rates, and user experience. For, these can be highly personalized, made visually appealing, and have a great delivery mechanism. 

No wonder, about 250,000 websites use this channel for marketing today. However, these can devastate your brand if done wrongly. Here are 13 strategies to get them right, connect with your users, engage them with your brand, and thus grow your business. 

  • Get the opt-in right

For any push notification strategy to be successful, it is necessary that you get the opt-in right. Here you can learn these four ways to do this:

  • Two-step opt-in: It helps users comprehend why you are seeking permission for sending notifications and then guides them to opt-in.
  • Delayed opt-in: It shows your opt-in form to a user after he or she has spent a considerable amount of time on your site to lower instant opt-outs. 
  • Bell icon opt-in: It floats on your site and lets visitors enable or disable your notification permission. 
  • Reminder opt-in: It reminds those users who have previously blocked your opt-ins. 
  • Offer value

Today, every business faces heavy competition. You can thrive only if you can offer the best value. So, refrain from sending useless, ill-thought-of, and irrelevant messages. Send them useful information alone. These can be about new deals and offers, exclusive access, new information, recent updates, and more. This will help your customers be well-informed of your ongoing activities and thus adhere to you.

  • Get your content right

A push notification comprises a title and a content body. It is crucial that both of these are attractive enough. While keeping the message highly relevant, you can try different styles like being funny, arousing inquisitiveness, and creating urgency to win over your push notification recipients.  

  • Work on the timings

The time of sending your push notification is vital for finding success with push notification marketing. Use your analytics to find the daily routine time at which the majority of your users open and click-through your notifications. Start sending your push notifications at this time regularly to heighten engagement. 

  • Segment your audience

Segment your users into different groups based on different criteria such as their location, demographics, purchasing history, browsing history, the duration for which they have been associated with you, etc. This would allow better personalization of your push campaigns and better targeting of your users. 

  • Optimize the sending frequency

Sending too many and too few push notifications can be detrimental. The optimal frequency of sending web push notifications varies with industries. In the case of cosmetic and fashion businesses, it is two to five per week, whereas for furniture sellers it is only once per week. So, find out what works for your niche and stick to it. 

  • Geo-Target your users

Geotargeting involves sending push notifications to those users within a defined location who also fulfill a specific targeting criterion. For instance, if you have a network of baby stores in Delhi, you could geo-target people living within Delhi and also have babies. This way, you would be better at targeting your customers and prospects with your notifications.

  • Incorporate rich media

The human eyes are more attracted to visuals than text. Push notifications with rich media are therefore opened, clicked-through, and engaged with more. So, do incorporate videos, images, GIFs, emojis, animations, etc. into your push notifications. To ensure that your rich media is viewable for all of your users. Else do not refer to the rich media in your message copy.  

  • Keep it simple and concise

Your receivers are already flooded with a lot of notifications from many sites each day. Most receivers find short and simple messages readable. Notifications with some 20 characters title length and 60 characters body content attract users to open, click-through, and engage with. 

  • Employ clear CTAs

Your push notification’s CTA matters a lot. For, it prompts receivers to take action in your favour and thus increases engagement and conversions. Some examples of precise CTAs are “Read now”, “Buy now”, “Subscribe”, “Get treated today”, “Get 60% off”, “Book my appointment”, and “Give my free e-book”.


  • Use advanced features

Today’s technological advancements facilitate using high-end features to enhance the performance of your push notification campaigns. So, do consider employing features such as triggered notifications, A/B testing, gamification, etc. This helps improve your engagement and conversions. 

  • Employ A/B, multi-variate, and split testing

Testing the different elements of your push notification message can help optimize it to suit user preferences. A software like NotifyVisitors can help you perform such tests so that you can find what works and what doesn’t with your users. Accordingly, you can design your future push notifications. 

  • Employ deep linking

Deep linking means having a link on your push notification to direct the user to the specific page of interest on your site rather than taking them to its homepage. For instance, if your website domain is www.abcd.com, and its product page is www.abcd.com/products, you should provide the latter in your web push notification. Since this is a time-saving thing, more users tend to just click through to find more about the offer/product. 

Final Takeaways

While employing different strategies to increase conversions and grow your business, do remember that there is no single rule that fits all. So, experiment around with your push notification campaigns. Try varied titles, content, styles, keywords, images, CTAs, and more. This will help you find what resonates well with your users. And keep testing. For, what worked today may not work tomorrow. So, do stay updated with your users’ changing interests, behaviours, and needs. 

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