Westworld Time 4 Episode 2 Recap: Properly Plenty of By yourself

Charlotte Hale and William stare with sinister glee at each other with a strange device in front of them.

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Is Westworld even Westworld if it is not making an attempt to break your mind? It’s a legitimate issue, and I think “no” would be a legitimate remedy. But given that the clearly show left the park at the stop of season two to take a look at the dystopia of the serious environment, the third time felt like everything was a thriller until the final pair of episodes, which remaining the solutions experience possibly unsatisfying or unearned. Now that time four has arrived, it would seem distinct the show is aware of it simply cannot be entirely baffling and need to parcel out some solutions to be fulfilling. Which, while excellent, is not virtually as gratifying as exactly where the display goes.

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Essentially, it is sort of amazing that “Well Sufficient Alone” is as terrific as it is when it generally focuses on only a few people and two storylines, currently being William (Ed Harris) the Host (minion of the human-hating, Dolores-corrupted manage unit inside the overall body of Charlotte Hale) and then the even more adventures of Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) and Caleb (Aaron Paul). There are a couple temporary check out-ins with Dolores lookalike Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) in which she hears an unhoused particular person on the avenue ranting about a tower, considerably like past week’s stalker-turned-suicide Peter did in the premiere. Then Christina checks in her work’s archives and discovers she quite considerably did create a story about a person named Peter who dropped everything, became obsessed with a girl, and killed himself. Last but not least, she visits the hospital Peter still left his revenue to, only to come across out that the medical center has long been deserted, and the annex’s wing funded by Peter and dedicated to him was developed even earlier than that.

It’s a mystery to be sure—along with what ever the hell Christina’s marriage to Dolores is—but the other two storylines are total of solutions, commencing with William visiting Clementine (Angela Sarafyan) the Host, who’s been living quietly in a Spanish-speaking country… till the Host in Black tracks her down, needs to know in which Maeve is, and then shoots Clementine in the head when she doesn’t reply.

Soon, Maeve and Caleb take a look at a senator and his wife only to learn they’re both secretly Hosts performing for William and Hale (Tessa Thompson), but who have been upgraded so Maeve can not use her tech magic to mentally shut them down, at the very least not simply. The Host spouse is killed, and Maeve lookups by the Host senator’s memory banking institutions to find out William experienced the first senator killed the wife was about to be murdered way too, except Hale comes and ominously stated to convey her to the barn out back, as “livestock” for an experiment the Host leader desired to test.

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Maeve and Caleb head to the barn, exactly where they only see the results of this experiment, and they are bleak. The senator’s wife has been butchering all of her horses when Maeve and Caleb snap her out of it, she does not remember doing it. But then she provides the duo a message: they’re invited to a conference as their “old friend” Don Giovanni desires to fulfill them. When Caleb declines the wife’s ask for to put her out of her distress, she assaults Caleb with a knife until finally Maeve shoots her in the head.

If I experienced to guess, Hale was making an attempt to determine out a way to plan and handle individuals just as human beings experienced programmed and controlled the Hosts. It wasn’t a full accomplishment in that the senator’s wife’s thoughts was broken by the experiment, but of course Hale has no fears about collateral hurt, especially to human beings.

Following a obviously reprogrammed Clementine turns absent an offended Deputy Assistant for Counterterrorism from conference with William, none other than the Vice-President of the United States personally will come to pay a visit to the Delos head honcho on his golf study course with a well mannered ask for to knock off his activities, these as shopping for the Hoover Dam and surrounding houses. (The Veep implies that William is building a new park, but this time in The usa as an alternative of safely and securely offshore exactly where its depravity and mayhem can be far more effortlessly overlooked.) When William unsurprisingly tells him to blow it out his ass (I’m paraphrasing), the Veep threatens to leak information and facts that would spoil the Male in Black… but then he turns around and sees Clementine has killed his Mystery Service bodyguards, and William smashes his head with a golf club. As for the Deputy Assistant, Hale afterwards displays up in his motor vehicle, holds him down, and lets a fly crawl in the man’s eyeball. When the Veep and Assistant demonstrate up later on, they—or, naturally, their Host replacements—have accredited of every thing William has been undertaking, and Hale’s program proceeds forthwith.

Although the purpose of the flies is nonetheless baffling—and really horrifying—and we don’t know just what Hale’s precisely organizing, she does allow us know what she’s hoping to realize: to make a world exactly where her “children” are protected from people. She doesn’t want to destroy all individuals or substitute all individuals with Hosts, as that would be pointless—but she’ll get rid of as several people in power and replace them with Hosts below her management as necessary. And she tells all this to the authentic William (or in all probability authentic William, but unquestionably the exact William who made a decision his mission was to kill all Hosts and acquired his throat slit in the year three finale). He’s alive and carefully trapped in some variety of sci-fi go well with held by just one of the Host-earning rings. And then Hale medicines him and puts him again Westworld’s equal of carbon freezing.

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It’s superior things, but it just can’t match the thrill of what happens when Maeve and Caleb attend the mysterious social gathering in Los Angeles. It is a extravagant, ritzy cocktail bar complete of equally extravagant, ritzy people, but no Hosts. The two of them are baffled right up until the bar quickly lurches, and Maeve rapidly understands accurately what is happening—they’re on a educate to a park. And not just any park, but a brand-new park built by William based on the 1920s and the mobsters that dominated it.

There is so much to like about this! It was a surprise to uncover Maeve and Caleb experienced unknowingly entered a train to a park, it was unnerving to realize this pretty mystery teach was in downtown Los Angeles, and seeing the 1920s skyline was a thrill, even if we realized a go to to this unique park was on the way. But what I specially favored was bringing back Lili Simmons (who played “New Clem” just after the first Clementine was taken out from the park in time a single) in the role of the Host who greets park newcomers—like the character played by Talulah Riley who originally welcomed young William and Logan back again in period one particular. She potential customers Maeve and Caleb in a replica of the identical registration area we saw in the series’ next episode, except this time it has far more 1920s-acceptable clothing and weapons. Nevertheless, it still has the similar option: White hat, or black hat? Caleb’s decision: “I’m not truly a hat human being.”

I really don’t feel Westworld can be really judged right until the stop of the season, as the episodes generally conclude up totaling extra than the sum of their parts. That reported, I’ve really enjoyed these initially two episodes of period 4, and given that they make up 25 percent of the 8-episode time, which is not insignificant. I’m grateful we’re receiving adequate answers to really feel the story is really progressing, although continue to staying tantalized with plenty of mysteries to keep viewers invested in obtaining out what is going on. The display has struck an fantastic balance concerning the two, leaving viewers satisfied but also tantalized. I do not know if the season’s significant mysteries—mainly, of study course, what the hell is up with Christina—will be value it at the conclude, but I have hope. See you future 7 days… in Mobland.

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Assorted Musings:

  • Mobworld? Mafiaworld? Gangsterworld? The Roaring’20sworld? I’m guessing Mobworld.
  • The Senator tells Maeve and Caleb that there are at present 249 Hosts like him in the world. Do you feel he just means Hosts in overall, or Hosts commanded by Hale to provide about her “New World”? I think the latter, which is really bad news.
  • Ed Harris is the MVP of the episode, just massively entertaining from start to finish. When the (actual) senator tells his the previous “Happy wife, content daily life!” observed, the way he utters “My wife’s useless” is perfection.
  • I’ll credit history this to the writers, but the golf scene is also excellent. The Vice-President is chiding William when the latter hits a hole-in-1. The Veep’s jaw drops, fully impressed with the shot. As the conversation escalates, William hits a 2nd gap-in-a person, and the Veep stares at it in disbelief. And when the Veep begins generating outright threats, William hits a third hole-in-one—and the Vice-President slowly but surely realizes no human could make three holes-in-1 in a row. So excellent!
  • It was interesting to see the hat option back again, but I don’t think several folks wore white hats back again in the 1920s. Undoubtedly not virtually as considerably as black.
  • Just a reminder that I absolutely termed William being alive following his throat was slit in the year 3 finale and I’m not earlier mentioned gloating about it.

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