Westworld’s Aurora Perrineau on That Big Episode 4 Twist


Aurora Perrineau on Westworld

Aurora Perrineau as C on Westworld.
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Did you check out that jaw-dropping episode of Westworld final evening? HBO Max’s sci-fi series proved that, even in its fourth season, it nevertheless has the potential to yank the rug out from under its viewers. io9 bought a possibility to chat to Aurora Perrineau (Truth or Dare), whose character was at the heart of the big expose.

Just in circumstance you have not viewed very last night’s episode, “Generation Lost”…

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So in essence: you come across out that Perrineau’s character, C—a member of a team of human resistance fighters who crosses paths with Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Stubbs (Luke Hemsworth)—is actually the grown-up variation of Frankie, the daughter of Caleb (Aaron Paul). We understood that Frankie and her mom escaped assassination when Caleb went to support Maeve (Thandiwe Newton) battle Hale (Tessa Thompson), but we didn’t know until “Generation Lost” that a) Caleb did not survive, and is now a Host underneath Hale’s management, and b) the storyline with Bernard, Stubbs, and C normally takes location far more than 20 decades following the Caleb-Maeve-Hale showdown. In the episode, Bernard—who understands all the things about every timeline, and therefore appreciates C’s true identity—guides C to uncover a “weapon” in the desert: Maeve’s human body.

That was some good, outdated-fashioned Westworld mindfuckery, was it not? Very, Perrineau—whose character very first appeared in episode a few, “Années Folles”—didn’t notice who she was definitely playing right until the pretty previous moment. “I obtained the script for that episode, I consider a week just before we shot that episode,” she advised io9 about movie chat. “We had been obtaining the scripts as we were filming, and so I didn’t know when I was filming the 1st episode what I was performing.”

Naturally, coming aboard Westworld meant being sworn to secrecy. “It’s a normal that you indication matters that are like, ‘please don’t speak about it, do not spoil factors.’ But what you should not do ordinarily in any clearly show is convey to people large plot details,” she claimed. She undoubtedly had to dodge thoughts from buddies and loved ones, though. “There isn’t a large amount of ‘do you do the job with this man or woman or this individual or this man or woman?’ And ‘what does this imply?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know.’”

All the secrecy meant that Perrineau and the actor who performs younger Frankie, Celeste Clark, didn’t get a opportunity to assess notes about the character. “Neither of us knew that we were being taking part in every other, so she’d currently shot [episodes] just one and two and I was undertaking a few. And when I obtained to 4, they had been like, ‘Oh, by the way, this is your mini-me.’”

In the younger Frankie scenes, we see how Caleb taps into his army training—and his individual encounters tangling with hostile Hosts—to teach his daughter to be a survivor, and how loving and supportive he is as a parent. Nevertheless Caleb vanished from her existence when she was pretty young, Perrineau thinks he continued to have a robust affect on how C lived her life just after that place. “Her regard for him and admiration and appreciate is in all probability the purpose she is where by she is and performing what she’s carrying out,” she mentioned. “I imagine the core of all people is that enjoy is the point that pushes you to do almost everything, and I imagine her love for her father, and seeking to know the reality of what really happened to him, is her most important aim. Even when she’s hunting for this weapon, it’s actually simply because she’s hunting for him. I consider her complete purpose is just to know what occurred to him, mainly because she loves him.”

So considerably, we haven’t seriously gotten considerably insight into how the people who’ve resisted coming beneath Host regulate dwell their day-to-day life. Perrineau certainly couldn’t say how much we’ll get to see in the coming months, but she did have a couple hints. “They’re hot all the time. They’re actually sizzling,” she joked, due to the fact so far we have only observed C and her fellow human beings scurrying all around what certain feels like a submit-apocalyptic desert. “But I believe you change to almost everything. And I imagine that their working day-to-working day is just attempting to determine out the ideal way to, you know, save what they believe that humanity is. That’s a in no way-ending, under no circumstances-sleeping, staying form of normally go, go, go thing. Surviving is their primary aim ideal now.”

However C is the key human we have spent time with in Bernard’s storyline, a number of other folks are also current, notably C’s fellow rebels J (Into the Badlands’ Daniel Wu) and a female played by Outer Assortment’s Morningstar Angeline. J and C butt heads when deciding what to do with Bernard and Stubbs, and Angeline’s character measures involving them ahead of sharing a tender second with C. “You’ll see additional of [C and J’s] partnership as the year goes on. And I consider there’s a large amount of appreciate amongst them. But I also assume wherever there’s really like like a family, you variety of struggle like a loved ones, and that’s what you’re observing with equally of them—they’re very headstrong and they imagine what they believe that. And clearly at that minute in time, they’re not agreeing on the same issue, but I think they want the similar issue. At the finish of the day, it’s just he thinks his way is greater and she thinks her way is far better.”

As for Angeline’s character, all Perrineau would say is, “You’ll see additional of their romance together. And I consider that they have a pretty amazing story that will get advised.” She was similarly—and understandably—vague when asked if she thinks there’s an overarching theme for Westworld time four. “I feel there is. I assume individuals will see that them selves. For as significantly as what I can say about my character and the group that I’m with and all that, I imagine that it is form of equivalent to what the present is constantly about: the throughline of what free of charge will really means. For these persons, absolutely free will is what they are still making an attempt to hold on to. But I think that the present has a even bigger information that we’ll all come across out.”

Westworld drops new episodes Sundays on HBO Max.

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