Westworld’s Year 4 Finale Was Bleak, Brutal, and Beautiful


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Dolores, in her blue prairie dress, stares out at Westworld.

Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

As it had to, it came down to Dolores and the Guy in Black.

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Ignore Caleb’s rescue. Fail to remember Maeve’s death. Overlook Bernard’s 9-million-move program. Forget humanity, forget about the Hosts, forget about all the things. None of it matters now. Westworld has swept away the outdated world far more thoroughly and proficiently than the Gentleman in Black, Host or if not, could have at any time dreamed of accomplishing. Hell, the display has pretty much gotten rid of itself, specified that by the time the credits roll, pretty much the entirety of the cast has been killed: Maeve and Bernard are still dead, Stubbs gets ignominiously murdered by Clementine, who is taken out by Franky Caleb refuses to depart with his daughter mainly because his Host overall body is deteriorating rapidly, and the resurrected Hale puts the Male in Black down for very good, then destroys her very own pearl.

“Que Sera, Sera” is bleak. It is bleak, brutal, and it’s possible even a minimal perverse. Westworld could have specified any person some sort of a content ending someplace other than Franky reuniting with her girlfriend and sailing away. It would have been pleasant for Stubbs to have died a hero’s death, or for Caleb to get to expend some far more time with his daughter. But anyone and all the things had to go for Westworld to make its level. 

The episode begins with just ceaseless killing, of human beings and Hosts alike to the place it is practically comical. The Guy in Black—and I imagine we need to drop the William at this point—says he’s designed 1 closing game for every person to perform, i.e. “last person standing.” But he doesn’t actually want any individual still left standing. He needs to burn off the serious world down, and to burn up the faux world—the Sublime—down with it.

Just after Drone Hosts resurrect Hale (with a several improvements), she discovers that information Bernard was listening to wasn’t for himself, but for her. When he claimed individuals and Hosts would each go extinct, he wasn’t lying—but he also wasn’t lying when he stated there was a opportunity that a smaller element of the world could be saved. But first, it is Hale’s determination: No matter if she wants to acquire Christina/Dolores’ Pearl core, which also includes the info of all the people in the town (or at least the stories she wrote for them), and upload it to the Elegant to give all those folks and the Hosts by now inside of a new possibility at everyday living. It is a lifetime in a information generate, but a life however.

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Photograph: John P. Johnson/HBO

I never feel it matters a lot why Hale-Dolores decides to preserve the Elegant. Probably it is to thwart the Gentleman in Black. Probably she felt culpable for destroying the authentic globe. Probably Bernard’s information acquired to her, or it’s possible she just hoped anything was better than absolutely nothing, no make a difference what sort that took. So she and the Male in Black race to Hoover Dam the place Bernard had opened the Chic, Hale finds the gun thoroughly planted there by Bernard past episode, lastly kills the Gentleman in Black and crushes his Pearl, then uploads Christina-Dolores and all her data into the Sublime. And then Hale commits suicide.

The physical earth is above. All humans and Hosts are useless, or will die quickly. If you ended up even now doubting Bernard (which is affordable), Christina could not make it clearer: “Hosts and individuals have been specified the reward of intelligent lifestyle and we employed it to usher in our personal annihilation. A couple may possibly escape dying for a several months, perhaps even a couple several years, but ultimately their kind will go extinct. … Sentient existence on earth has ended.” Existence as we know it is over.

As we know it, but not as Christina—not as Dolores—knows it. “Sentient lifestyle on earth has finished. But some part of it might still be preserved… in a different world. My environment. There’s time for just one past sport. A perilous recreation, with the maximum of stakes—survival, or extinction. This sport ends wherever it began, in a globe like a maze. That checks who we are. That reveals what we are to turn into. One particular last loop all around the bend. Probably this time, we’ll established ourselves no cost.”

And Dolores, back again and total, creator of stories, thwarts the Gentleman in Black. She will make a new world there in the Sublime, for the Hosts inside of it and potentially even the information of the individuals she’s internalized—a new globe. but a familiar a person. Westworld.

The finale is so ultimate I had to check to see if Westworld was going to have a fifth period. To my shock, the demonstrate has not been renewed however, but Ed Harris has produced reviews suggesting the display isn’t around. But “Que Sera, Sera” wraps up almost everything the show has been performing for the earlier handful of yrs so perfectly that I actually want the present to be about.

It’s the fantastic ending—beings that have evolved over and above bodies, over and above actuality, over and above humanity and Hosts. One particular much more chance to see if those people remaining can lastly transcend their flaws or succumb to them. I don’t need to see how that plays out. I want to ponder, and question, and hope. Perhaps this time, they’ll set on their own totally free.

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Image: John P. Johnson/HBO

Assorted Musings:

  • A different motive this would be a excellent collection finale: There are only two principal characters who are at the moment alive, and then only technically: Dolores, now presumably the god of Westworld, and Teddy, who is somewhere in the Chic.
  • I can’t think that Gentleman in Black identified as that child a camper. He was thoroughly a camper, but I like William not know 21st-century gamer lingo.
  • Supposedly Hale’s metropolis was New York, and the Hoover Dam is in Nevada. I’m really curious how Hale took a future-copter and the Guy in Black took a truck and horse and nonetheless conquer her there.

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