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Metrics are a wonderful component of being a solution manager. They are the resource of insights, hypotheses, validation, and comprehension. But they can be all-consuming and puzzling if you really don’t know where by to emphasis your electrical power.

In this guideline, we’ll introduce you to different forms of product or service metrics and support you establish which types you really should concentrate on as a product manager, depending on your merchandise and organization.

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Kinds of products metrics

Product or service supervisors and groups encounter a vast range of metrics that are possibly directly linked or adjacent to product. Some of the most common groups involve:

Economical metrics

Monetary metrics include just about anything linked to cash: income, profits, margins, running expenses, and so on.

The solution is a factor here, but much from the only issue. If the product or service is not promoting nicely or making considerably dollars, it could be owing to very poor revenue, internet marketing, information, pricing, and/or product or service.

Engagement/use metrics

Just about anything similar to usage: regular monthly active end users, time put in in application or on internet site, pages views, churn, abandonment price, activations, etcetera.

The product or service is a significant factor, but advertising and profits are also vital below, as is style and design.

High quality metrics

Good quality metrics include things like effectiveness, bug charges, scalability figures, trustworthiness, compliance, stability, and many others. Usability is also a thing I would think about a good quality metric — time to entire a process, for illustration.

The products is the only factor when it comes to excellent metrics.

Influence metrics

Are your products having the intended effect on the people working with it? If you intention to notify people today, are you executing so? If you hope to make people extra productive, are they? If your solution is built for enjoyment, are your people truly entertained, or just distracted or compelled?

Yet again, the product is the only aspect in this article.

Sentiment metrics

How do men and women sense about the product? Would they recommend it?

Internet Promoter Rating (NPS) is the principal metric to observe listed here. Assessments on the app keep or TrustPilot are yet another. Churn fee is critical, as well. These metrics are primarily product-connected but can also be impacted by buyer guidance, shopper good results, and gross sales.

A great deal goes into sentiment, and item is a big element, in addition to customer guidance and achievement, price tag, enable written content, and many others.

Promoting metrics

Promoting metrics that are suitable to product or service managers contain shopper acquisition value, promoting metrics these kinds of as charge for each click on and click-via amount, all points Search engine optimisation, conversion rates, and so on.

Pirate metrics (AARRR)

AARRR metrics — also identified as pirate metrics because announcing them can make you audio like a pirate — are really worth contacting out mainly because of their notoriety and wide use.

The acronym stands for acquisition, activation, retention (reverse of churn), earnings, and referral. Often you are going to also see this prepared as AAARRR, with recognition accounting for the excess A.

These metrics are a blend of advertising, economical, usage, and sentiment metrics and signify a funnel. This framework will make perception for quite a few items, but not all.

Characteristics of products metrics

It is vital to feel about the features of the metrics themselves so you can know what to do with them. When evaluating metrics, products administrators should take into account whether they are:

Qualitative or quantitative

The most primary high-quality of a metric is no matter whether it is qualitative or quantitative — that is, is it objectively measurable or is it subjective and self-claimed? NPS appears quantitative mainly because it is a amount, but it is also qualitative since it signifies sentiment and consequently can fluctuate.

It’s extremely essential to recognize the change in between qualitative and quantitative metrics.

A/B testable

If one thing is quantitative, the future issue you really should ask is whether or not or not it is A/B testable.

All quantitative metrics are technically A/B testable, but the experiment may possibly operate for a very long time to get an response for some metrics, or you might not have the ideal infrastructure in put, which could make a metric properly not A/B testable. If it is effectively A/B testable, focus can be pretty tempting, but it is not often the right thing.

Yet again, A/B tests is a critical thought for PMs to understand, so it’s well worth having the time to understand.

Leading or trailing

A primary indicator is a thing that can enable you determine out when to launch. A trailing indicator that you have to hold out and see. Most metrics are trailing indicators, which are difficult to attribute.

The only metrics that are major indicators are top quality metrics, which will make them incredibly highly effective and vital to a item manager’s day-to-day.

Which metrics ought to products managers emphasis on?

As with most items in item administration, the answer is — drumroll be sure to — it depends!

Let us begin with some tremendous typical metrics that are normally preferred as essential efficiency indicators (a several metrics that are determined to make any difference most) or the a person metric to rule them all (a single metric that issues a lot more than any other):

We’ll also outline the pluses and minuses of focusing on these metrics from a solution standpoint.


TLDR Recognition and involvement are essential, but revenue ought to not be a concentrate.

Earnings is probably the most frequent metric product or service professionals are asked to concentration on. Nonetheless, my assistance is to prevent concentrating on it much too intently.

Never get me mistaken — it will make a great deal of feeling for product sales to zero in on earnings and for it to be a KPI for the business. And the PM need to be deeply associated with pricing and sales blockers. But profits is a trailing indicator and has way far too quite a few variables to be useful for item supervisors to target on straight.

One more disadvantage of focusing on profits is that, when it is made use of as a definition of success, it is then generally applied for prioritization. And as a lot as individuals will fake they can know how substantially funds a aspect will create, this is not knowable. I have observed this solution guide to inflated predictions to get capabilities greenlit.

A remaining downside is that you might stop up forgoing long-expression, really innovative attributes and products that will not immediately impression income, ultimately placing the health of the firm at threat.


TLDR: There are good emphasis alternatives among the engagement metrics, but be watchful!

I could very easily produce an whole blog site on engagement metrics — this is a deep space that you will without doubt immerse in as a PM.

The moment all over again, engagement metrics are trailing indicators of achievement, which suggests that improving upon engagement isn’t essentially a excellent thing. It also means that if engagement doesn’t make improvements to, it is not automatically a bad point.

Take into consideration the instance of reserving a reservation for a cafe in a maps application. This is a cool aspect that equally Google Maps and Apple Maps enables you to do. But if persons aren’t pondering to use their maps software to choose where to go and as an alternative are centered on having to in which they’ve currently determined to go, the original engagement for these a function is heading to be quite minimal.

This doesn’t necessarily mean it was a negative thought or that the element was not productive it just means that customers need to evolve their imagining about what the maps application is for. They may perhaps not at any time do this on their possess, but with the aid of very good promoting and the assist of other attributes (these kinds of as area guides), this should alter around time.

The other canonical case in point is scrolling on Facebook and Instagram scrolling. There is a place at which steady scrolling can make people progressively less pleased — the infamous doom scroll. So, if you as a PM are focused on rising the quantity of time invested scrolling the newsfeed, you could be negatively impacting your consumers.

All that said, used effectively, engagement metrics are a amazing factor as lengthy as you are balancing this information with other information (qualitative metrics like NPS or consumer surveys specific at your impression metrics). They are quantitative and pretty frequently A/B testable, which can make them enjoyable to aim on for the full crew. Pick a couple of engagement metrics pretty cautiously and consider about why they may be telling you a little something various than what you feel ahead of you decide on which types to use.


TLDR: Sentiment metrics are a should-have, but they shouldn’t be utilized for final decision-creating or defining achievement.

A sentiment metric measures how your people feel about your products. Net Promoter Rating is the most generally utilized sentiment metric, but Superhuman’s solution-market match metric is rivaling NPS in conditions of acceptance for engineering goods. NPS actions whether or not your buyers would advocate your solution. Item-industry healthy determines how dissatisfied your consumers would be if they couldn’t use your product or service any longer. Sentiment alone is just the commencing.

If you see a drop in NPS, you will need to look deeper at what’s powering it. It could be product or service-related, but it may perhaps not be. Doing investigation on the qualitative responses that you acquire (for example, which includes s question at the stop such as, “Can you convey to us additional about why you rated us this way?”) is an crucial obligation of the item supervisor. But this qualitative data doesn’t essentially transfer effortlessly and is certainly not A/B testable, so you shouldn’t target on it day-to-working day.


TLDR Marketing metrics are fantastic to focus on if you have a strategy of conversion in the solution.

As a item manager, for the most element, you need to recognize but not target on internet marketing metrics. The exception to this is conversion charge. This is most prevalent if there is some thing the consumer basically buys in your products, but could also arrive into participate in for a far more delicate definition of conversion, these types of as scheduling a ride in Uber.

There is overlap right here with advertising and marketing mainly because if anyone will come to your app or web site that is not the “right” purchaser, conversion will be small. In this situation, it is not the product’s fault it is marketing’s fault. Or, if the “right” customer will come and they really don’t buy anything, the trouble may be related to both the offer or the item.

If you have entry to them, conversion rates are significant to focus on as a PM, in concert with advertising and marketing and whoever is in cost of provide.

Why effects is the most important metric for item administrators to observe

Effects metrics, in my knowledge, are not often outlined, permit alone measured. These are metrics that possibly qualitatively or quantitatively measure the effects you intend your merchandise to have. If you’re really blessed, a excellent metric may perhaps double as an impression metric.

For illustration, in maps, it is knowable whether or not somebody misses a flip. This is a quality metric (plainly bad) and also an impact metric (maps intend to get you to wherever you are going as efficiently as doable). Or, in search, if a user clicks on a lookup end result promptly, that result is at the leading of the list. If they never do a subsequent lookup, you can be really darn specific the person found what they were searching for and your research software did what it meant.

Frequently, although, you are not that fortunate. If the person of the Facebook newsfeed expended 20 minutes in a day searching at Fb, you never know if they linked to some others at the end of the day. If another person watched a video on YouTube about studying to hula hoop and then put in an hour seeing cat movies, you don’t know if that seriously fulfilled their demands that working day.

In my case, as I am currently in the organization of marketing retreats, I don’t know if the consumer came absent experience reworked. Even if they say they did in a review, I really do not know if that transformation was definitely lasting. Impression metrics are built to handle this.

Effect metrics are trailing and typically not A/B testable (Facebook notably does try to survey customers whilst in the app and utilizes responses as an A/B). Even so, impression is, in my feeling, the most significant metric of all.

I don’t consider any of us are developing technological innovation just to make funds for ourselves and the enterprise we also want to make a variation in the life of our buyers. No matter what that difference is, be it supporting them be more successful, a lot more related, a lot more relaxed, much more entertained, it can be calculated by means of purchaser interviews and surveys. And figuring out that you are bettering that effects can be just one of the most powerful strategies to promote collaboration and innovation among the your group.


Metrics are a big element of becoming a item manager, but all that facts can turn into an unlimited sea of information and facts if you do not know how to use it.

As you development by means of your product administration vocation, you will normally go on to create expertise with metrics. I hope you just take absent from this guide a couple of matters to increase to your toolbox and feel inspired to look additional closely at the metrics you are using in your day-to-day roles.

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