Why journalism students who understand about small business could have an edge




John Thomas of Quill Journal spoke with Quinnipiac College University of Communications dean Chris Roush about his new reserve, “The Future of Business Journalism: Why it Issues for Wall Avenue and Main Avenue.”

Here is an excerpt:

However, you suggest that journalists who understand about company could have an edge in the market.

Element of the challenge is, for most company journalists who are coming into journalism, they are not coming into the area with any schooling or awareness, simply because faculties and universities are not training pupils to be organization journalists. They are schooling them to deal with sports, town hall and so forth. Only about a dozen schools teach company journalism with any rigor. 

You know, the pupils who are journalism majors for the most part are very passionate about the industry. They want to change the environment, they want to act as a watchdog for modern society. I nevertheless see that. For me that has not altered in journalism in the very last 100 decades. What young journalists could do much better is, I think, that they really don’t have an understanding of the have to have to actually focus and to establish a market, since that is what is happening throughout all types of media.

I experienced a scholar very last spring who took the enterprise reporting course I taught here at Quinnipiac, I could see all over the semester his eyes acquiring broader and wider and wider. And he came to me and mentioned, “I’m graduating. I’m going to be on the lookout for a career. I imagine this is what I’m heading to do.” It shouldn’t be your previous semester in faculty that you recognize, “Hey, I require to focus.”

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