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Several units favor to integrate distinct applications and use their «as is» abilities. One of the most famous of such tools is CKEditor. In fact, from WYSIWYG editors with open up source is not these kinds of a big alternative: it’s CKEditor or TinyMCE. A lot of of them and abuse — if editing the hyperlink, then in the dialog, if editing the picture — again in a dialog box. And from this dialog box just one far more for Aviary and so on.

In practice, if necessary:

  • rapidly see which backlinks are referenced,
  • &#13

  • go to the connection (very good when the connection constantly opens in a separate window)
  • &#13

  • what characteristics of pictures,
  • &#13

  • if alternative textual content is specified
  • &#13

  • &#13

then any pop-up window is a completely squander of time. For that reason, one particular of the requirements at the time of development was the absence of any supplemental home windows. Like for code editor or image choice.

Of course, there is not adequate area to select photos, but if you imagine about it, you normally have more than enough.

Without having pop-up home windows, the operate has become a great deal nicer and, most importantly, a lot quicker. We were so pleased to work in such a style that we even threw out more «clicks» in the confirmation windows. Any deletion — in one simply click. If you want to cancel the action, an alert appears for a while, by clicking on which the consumer can return the motion.

Even the pop-up window of the textual content formatting panel now irritates me. We’ll consider to fix it at the top rated. For example, Gmail has mounted it at the bottom. Let him have a clearly marked place and do not overlap neighboring aspects of the letter.

From time to time there are problems about performing with blocks of writing. They are referred to as «ears», but this is also a topic for a separate publish and a whole evolution of the work.

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