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Cisco lately visited my campus for 3 roles -:

  • Computer software Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Web site Reliability Engineer

(Suitable branches were being CSE and ISE only with a Minimum amount 8. CGPA)

Round 1:Technical Quiz: 25 multiple-option questions + 1 Coding Dilemma, which were being divided into 4 sections. Period: 1 hr

  • Aptitude – Uncomplicated if practiced from 
  • Computer Science Main – Code snippets (C programming ), Details construction, and Algorithm (primarily array, string, linked listing, and trees)
  • Electronics Main – CSE, ISE college students found this portion a bit tricky (largely logic gates, FET, thermal runaway, voltage-existing features of diode)
  • Networking – Awareness taught in college or university is adequate. – Uncomplicated

The Coding issue was: 

Mail Rooms for Workplace Structures. Problem – Business ABC has a cooperative campus with numerous buildings these properties may possibly or may perhaps not be related to one particular one more. please assist alica to determine the least selection of mail rooms to be set up so that all buildings are serviced with the adhering to factors.

  • A developing can host only 1 mail room.
  • A creating getting a mail area will also assistance buildings straight connected to it. Consequently individuals immediately linked buildings could not host a mail place unless essential if not.
  • A developing might or might not be connected to other structures. In these types of a circumstance it would will need its personal mail place.

Complex expertise necessary to clear up this problem –  Dynamic Programming, Graphs, Dp on Trees. 

I would suggest you to fix Codeforces (1700-1800 score) difficulty on Codeforces from dynamic programming and graphs.

37 students had been chosen soon after the 1st round.

Round 2: Complex Interview (30 – 60 mins): The Technological job interview begun at 8:30 am the following day. This spherical has two interviewers first they will begin with inquiring DSA and then later on will move to DBMS and SQL and inquiries from Laptop or computer Networks were being also requested.
Some of the queries were -:

Round 3:Technological + Managerial Spherical (30 – 50 mins): This spherical also had two interviewers, I was advised to describe my assignments. Then the interviewer questioned me thoughts relevant to my initiatives like how I approached the concept and what are the tech stacks.

  • What is Vue? 
  •  What is virtual DOM and how is it advantageous?
  • Clarify the TCP/IP protocol.

Some standard managerial concerns like -:

  • convey to me about yourself.
  • why cisco?
  • what do you know about cisco?
  • what is the job you are intrigued in?
  • what are your hobbies?
  • what is the a person point which faculty taught you?
  • what is the one particular matter which your earlier internship taught you?
  • what is 1 good factor about your school?
  • what are your potential designs?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Round 4) HR Round (15-20 mins): My HR spherical started at 5:30 pm. The HR requested some essential queries like -:

  • Notify me about yourself.
  • What are your long term strategies?
  • Explain your self in 1 phrase
  • What is the 1 point that you want to improve in your self? 
  • Do you have any Place constraints?
  • What are your massive achievements skillfully & personally? 
  •  Do you have any concerns? 

Finally, 11 people ended up chosen comprising 7 program engineer roles, 3 info engineers, and 1 web-site reliability engineer.
I was chosen for Computer software Engineer Part. 

Ultimate Ideas:

  • Make confident you know just about every compact detail about your undertaking simply because you will be requested to explain all your tasks in the two rounds 2 and 3.
  • Maintain a little something to eat with you as the recruitment process begun at 8:30 in the morning and went till 6:30 in the night.
  • Make sure you give concise and apparent solutions in the HR round.
  • Practice some puzzles as people have been requested from my close friends.
  • Be self-confident, Continue to keep a smile.

You will Ace it!! Best of Luck!

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