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WandaVision episode 2 is readily available on the exact day as WandaVision episode 1, and it’s only after you check out it that you realise why Disney and Marvel Studios determined to premiere the MCU collection with two episodes upfront. Whilst WandaVision episode 1 avoided giving us any clues as to what was seriously likely on — how is Eyesight (Paul Bettany) back again, and why are they within a black-and-white vintage sitcom? — WandaVision episode 2 starts to offer you us clues to what is truly going on. To be good, it is nonetheless very small to go on, but we have now some concept of what could be occurring. Or at the very least, we have an define of what is perhaps happening, if we allow for ourselves to speculate.

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The 29-moment WandaVision episode 2 — directed by Matt Shakman and published by Gretchen Enders — capabilities a chilly open as Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is woken up by a loud sound. She turns on the gentle with her intellect and then appears to be absent, which turns the gentle off. Following this comes about a few of instances, Vision wakes up, turns the gentle on manually, and peers out of the window. All he sees are his wife’s charming rose bushes, Vision says. To which Wanda responds: “That’s all, are you utilizing your night time eyesight, Eyesight?” Eyesight assures her everything is great but when the strange seem repeats, he jumps into his mattress and attracts his blanket to his face.

Vision then remarks that he is listened to persons talking about some “ne’er-do-wells” in the neighbourhood. Wanda factors out they could be chatting about them much too. After all, they are far from standard. The sound repeats all over again and, in her fright, Wanda pulls their separate beds close jointly. Wanda then decides to take a look herself by waving the curtains aside with her fingers. To their surprise, it turns out to be just some tree branches banging against the window. Both equally Wanda and Vision heave a sigh of relief. Looking at the beds joined collectively, Vision’s mind turns to other matters and the two jump underneath the sheets.

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WandaVision episode 2 cuts to a title sequence, which animates their each day domestic schedule, along with some realistic jokes, and a largely instrumental topic track with the only lyrics remaining “WandaVision”. The Frozen duo of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez are explained to be guiding all the WandaVision theme songs.

wandavision episode 2 bedtime wandavision episode 2

Paul Bettany as Vision, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision episode 2
Photograph Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

In the morning, Wanda and Vision rehearse a magic exhibit. It does not require the true magic that they can sort, but the faux variety we are applied to viewing. As Wanda notes, “In a actual magic act, everything is pretend.” The faux magic lets both equally of them to be theatrical, with Olsen showcasing her ideal bogus impressed faces. Eyesight is just not as bought on the concept, but Wanda reminds him that it can be their neighbourly responsibility to take part in the area fundraiser. In addition, it offers them a chance to surface regular. “This is our household now, I want us to match in,” Wanda provides, in a way that conveys she’s quite possibly making an attempt to convince herself as a great deal as she’s telling Vision what she wishes.

Vision then leaves for a neighbourhood observe meeting at a general public library, with Wanda about to be part of the preparing committee for the fundraiser. But prior to she leaves, she hears the strange seem once again. Startled, she ventures out of the house to track down the resource and finds a tiny pink toy helicopter in the bushes. The operative word there is “red”. This is the very first real splash of colour on WandaVision. As Wanda research the helicopter, she comes across as a symbol bearing an upside down cross inside a ring. This isn’t really something we’ve noticed in the MCU formerly (not that I know of in any case), but it confident feels like it will have a better that means on WandaVision as we go on.

Inside WandaVision, Marvel’s Enjoy Letter to Typical Sitcoms

Just then, Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) turns up, startling Wanda again. On their way to the conference, Agnes tells Wanda how important it is to be on the very good facet of Dottie (Emma Caulfield Ford), the community queen of the cul-de-sac and the self-appointed leader of the committee. Wanda’s audition would not go quite very well however. First, as she tends to make compact chat with another female, she’s told by Dottie to not chat to some others although she’s talking. Later on, Dottie suggests the fundraiser is “for the children”, only for everyone else present to repeat it in unison, as if they are aspect of a cult. Wanda tries to capture up but in doing so repeats it a couple of seconds soon after anyone, which as soon as once more would seem to annoy Dottie.

At the setting up committee, Wanda also fulfills Geraldine (Teyonah Parris), the aforementioned an additional female. For those people who’ve been tracking their Marvel information, this will be a clue as to WandaVision’s accurate mother nature. Parris officially signed on to play Monica Rambeau, a grown-up version of the 11-calendar year-previous girl we met in Captain Marvel, who helped the titular superhero decide on her signature crimson-and-blue costume colors. This likely usually means that “Geraldine” is a phony identify and that Monica is hiding her genuine id for motives mysterious.

wandavision episode 2 magic wandavision episode 2

Paul Bettany as Eyesight, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision episode 2
Photograph Credit: Disney/Marvel Studios

Meanwhile at the Westview Community Library, Vision attends the neighbourhood watch meeting. Turns out, it truly is truly a lot more of a spot for gentlemen to fulfill and gossip about every single other. WandaVision creator Jac Schaeffer has manufactured it a place to poke fun at gender stereotypes and gender roles from the start, and this is an additional illustration of that. Vision accepts a piece of gum to seem typical but he ends up swallowing it after another person pats him on the back again for a joke of his. An animated sequence reveals that it can be commencing to gum up his internals. This may make Vision seem to be very lower-fi when he just isn’t, but provided that this is taking position in a sitcom universe, you’ve got to be a great deal additional forgiving of the logic included.

Again at the arranging committee, Wanda aids Dottie cleanse up as she makes an attempt to get on her very good facet. Dottie says she’s read factors about Wanda and her husband. “I you should not know what you’ve got listened to,” Wanda replies, “but I don’t mean anyone any hurt.” Dottie says she does not believe that her, only for their voices to fade and a song to split out on a radio subsequent to them. (It’s “Help Me Rhonda” by The Beach Boys, the to start with indicator we’ve moved into the ‘60s.) That looks to wholly rattle Dottie. She not only wonders who that is, but even asks Wanda, “Who are you?”

WandaVision episode 2 also incorporates a fake professional. This a single is about a observe produced by a enterprise referred to as Strucker. A voiceover promises that a person is not full devoid of two items: his special woman and a Strucker observe. It then provides “He’ll make time for you” as a slogan, although we hear an ominous ticking that receives more rapidly by the second before the ad ends. The view dial also features the word “Hydra”, the evil organisation that Cap went up versus. And if you will don’t forget, Wolfgang von Strucker was a person of Hydra’s leaders and his experimentations designed Wanda as we know her.

A strange voice cuts as a result of the song and suggests, “Who’s performing this to you, Wanda?” and retains on repeating Wanda’s title. As it builds to a crescendo, the camera goes dutch in WandaVision episode 2, with Wanda’s deal with etched with a blend of confusion and horror. Dottie breaks the glass she’s keeping and cuts herself, with the purple blood oozing out standing out towards the series’ black-and-white search. Wanda arms her a white napkin to wipe the blood off, and even as she covers her hand, Dottie appears to have previously moved on from what just transpired.

At the expertise present, Eyesight turns up seeming drunk — the gum seems to be genuinely impacting his capabilities — and a worried Wanda wonders what’s heading on. Except they have no time to figure it out, as it really is time for their overall performance. Predictably, it goes entirely off the rails. The gummed-up Eyesight forgets himself and commences to do actual magic. He hovers in the air, he lifts a heavy piano with 1 hand, and he pulls a hat by way of himself. Wanda is forced to deal with for him as the astonished viewers looks on, earning it search like he is doing pretend magic, by either tying him to a rope and pulley, turning the piano into a sheet of cardboard, and making use of a corridor of mirrors (this does not operate but individuals believe that it in any case).

Backstage, Wanda miracles why Eyesight is acting so unusual. She scans his physique, discovers the gum has basically choked his internals, and then pulls it out. They choose to slink away while no 1 is looking, but Dottie places them. To their shock and surprise, she congratulates them for delivering the most hilarious act Westview has at any time witnessed and then arms them the award for the finest comedic efficiency.

wandavision episode 2 pregnancy wandavision episode 2

Paul Bettany as Eyesight, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in WandaVision episode 2
Picture Credit history: Disney/Marvel Studios

Wanda and Eyesight enter home joyful and relieved, just like with the supper get together in WandaVision episode 1. Vision notes they managed to suit in when remaining on their own, but Wanda provides they required a couple modifications. And it was all “for the youngsters,” Wanda and Vision repeat in unison. Wanda receives up to make popcorn, but Eyesight stops her and factors at her abdomen. Wanda is visibly expecting. What? How? Did she just will a being pregnant by stating “for the children”? Is that why the words and phrases have been recurring as a sermon through WandaVision episode 2? Wanda then miracles, “Is this definitely happening?”

Just then, the ominous seem from the commencing repeats. Wanda and Vision go outside as a beekeeper (Zac Henry) emerges out of a manhole. Vision is baffled, as are we, but Wanda appears to recognise what is actually taking place. In a deep voice, she claims “no”, as if it have been a command. WandaVision episode 2 then rewinds like 1 of people old VHS tapes ahead of stopping at the moment the place Wanda mentioned, “Is this seriously taking place?” This time, there’s no ominous seem, and the few kiss. As Wanda pulls absent, Vision’s facial area receives its colour back. And shortly, the total scene transitions from black-and-white to colour, just like lots of sitcoms did in the 1960s.

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The past few minutes of WandaVision episode 2 are the major clue we have experienced however. Set aside the fact that Wanda can somehow get pregnant with Vision — it’s possible she did actually will it into existence — the outdated sitcom-y earth we have seen in the first two episodes now feels like a refuge she’s constructed to guard herself and her probable youngsters. It’s possible Wanda is/ was pregnant in the authentic world. On the other hand, the voice on the radio (“Who’s executing this to you, Wanda?”) indicates or else, signalling that Wanda is trapped in this make-consider environment. Their absence of reminiscences would also suit that narrative.

As we pull absent from Wanda and Vision’s kiss, the voice from the radio repeats: “Who’s undertaking this to you, Wanda?”

WandaVision episode 2 is now streaming on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar. New episodes launch every single Friday about 1:30pm IST / 12am PT.

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