2021 UI/UX Design Trends and How To Make Them Work For You



What is UX  Design?

UX is an acronym of User Experience Design which is a human-first method of designing products, where human-first means concentrating the efforts on using the technology to improve people’s lives on their self-defined terms.

What is UI Design?

In the industrial strategy of Human-Computer Interaction, a UI (User Interface) is a space where communication between machines and computers occur, the main goal here is to allow effective and efficient control and operation of the machines at the human end.

My Explanation regarding Difference between UI/UX

  1. On the basis of Approach:

UX has a human-first approach to product design.

UI has a human-first approach to designing the aesthetic experience of a product.

  1. On the basis of Application:

The application of UX takes place in both physical and digital products.

The application of  UI takes place only in digital products.

  1. On the basis of Focus:

 UX focuses on the full experience of a consumer from the first contact to the last.

UI focuses on visual touchpoints that allow users to interact with a product

  1. On the basis of Creation:

UX creates the structural design for pain points that users encounter anywhere along their journey with the product.

UI creates combinations of typography, button, colour palette, imagery and animations.

  1. On the basis Results:

 UX results in products that delight the consumers with their effectiveness.

UI results in products that delight the consumers aesthetically.

Core components of UI/UX design

Some core components are:-

  1. Usability: The question arises, Is it easy to use? Usability can be referred to as the user-friendliness that a website has to offer. The usability also recognizes the ways to handle the errors.
  2. Information Architecture:The question arises, does it’s structure make sense? IA is about satisfying the business strategy by designing the site’s or application’s information structure. It is about exhausting the maximum permutations and combinations to provide a top-level and best navigation menu.
  3. Interaction Design:The question arises, how do we engage with it? It is about creating the conceptual design with which the user interacts with the application/product. These interactions may include elements like colour, tool, font, aesthetic, sound motion etc.
  4. Wireframing: The question arises, how does the prototype look like? It is like generating a model of the application to test the looks, applicability and features before it is launched.
  5. Visual Design:The question arises, how does it look like? It is like defining the company’s brand. The visual designs have the power to affect the behaviour of a user and hence, it is the most important component of the UI design.

Strategy by most Web Design Companies in USA

  1. Focus on Millennials:. It is because they constitute about 3quaters of the entire US population. The other reason could be that millennials are currently entering the prime of their age, they are dominating and changing the market with their thinking,  purchasing, spending habits which are way different from the generation that came before them.


  1. Responsive and Friendly Design Strategies :There is no question to the fact that every person in today’s age has a smartphone which they use on  a regular basis, for various purposes like chatting online shopping etc. So, it is very clear that people want a  very mobile-friendly and responsive experience on every website they visit.


  1. Social Media is the way of Gaining Popularity: People saw the emergence of Social media and are still very much interested in it. They have seen various trends come and go on there. It is the best way for them to connect with people and brands and to know about things that’ll enhance the quality of their lives. So, while designing a website, you need to incorporate  a way to connect with them on social media. This will not only increase the popularity but also enhance the chances of being found by potential users.


  1. Link Well With Storytelling: Every generation today wants to connect with a service or product that they feel connected to and one of the best ways to do so is by Storytelling, it is the best for building trust among consumers. Designers can do so by involving images, graphics on the website. It is important that the website speaks to them about shared experiences, values and interests


  1. Give Prizes in Exchange for Loyalty: The challenge is not about getting approval and loyalty of consumers, but about how you are going to get it. Traditional loyalty programs do not work anymore, in order to gain attention you need to keep using new incentive programs like paid subscription for various offers or premium features, benefits and discounts with added value that attract the consumer’s.


  1. Associate Aesthetic with Functionality: People are fond of functionality when it comes along with a package of aesthetically pleasing visuals. Every element that you utilize in your website should help enhance the user experience. This is although another reason to make your website that has both.


  1. Speed up the Experience: Everyone loves a website that does on drag on the experience and loads fast. Today, people have a very short attention span and get diverted easily if your website doesn’t load fast. There are plenty of ways to make your website fast and efficient like compressing videos and images, caching and eliminating pointless line breaks and space from the codes.


  1. Break the design Stereotypes: Try to convey a powerful message of what you’ve seen and learnt about people and what they represent. So, do thorough research on your competitors to know the cliché and stereotypical elements of the industry and make sure you do not use them while designing your website or application.

My Explanation for the need of UI and UX in a company

  •   The primary objective of any and every business is the growth of business and to obtain profits by increasing its sales.
  •   The UI/UX design helps win the customer’s confidence and drive them to use your application to provide them with what they are looking for.
  •   The use of UI/UX design in an application increases the customer satisfaction and experience, which ultimately increases the number of users of a particular application.
  •   People say the first impression is the last impression, so it is even more important for small ventures and start-ups to understand the importance of UI/UX as it can not make and break the name of the web design company usa.


Since, IT is a competitive field it is important the UI/UX designs grab the attention of the consumers. Also it focuses largely on consumer satisfaction, thus plays an important role in success of the business.

Therefore, UI UX development has become an important part of today’s web development business.

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